Wenatchee Confluence State Park

Wenatchee Confluence State Park

At almost 200 acres, Wenatchee Confluence State Park is big enough to offer more than what you need to have a fantastic urban camping experience. This park sits on the north shore of the Wenatchee River, right where it flows into the Columbia River. The Apple Capital Loop Trail runs right through it and campers can easily access it for a relaxing stroll along the river or a vigorous run, walk, or bike ride along both shores of the Columbia.

The state park is home to a great many campsites, climbing toys for the kids, a protected swimming area on the river, basketball courts, tennis courts, and plenty of wide open green spaces.

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If you follow the loop trail to the north you will wind through some low bank park areas with some nice picnic spots. Continuing on and you will eventually reach the Odabashian Bridge which can take you across the Columbia River to the East Wenatchee side. If you take the loop trail south from the state park you will cross the Wenatchee River and be treated to the Horan Natural Area, a protected wildlife area that is beautiful to walk through. Further on past that is Walla Walla Point Park which is home to all kinds of features that kids will enjoy, including climbing toys, basketball courts, swimming areas, and more.

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Wenatchee Confluence State Park is a real gem and a nice opportunity to get the camping experience you wanted and still be right in town.

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