Riverwalk Bridge

Riverwalk Bridge 4

The Riverwalk Bridge is a pedestrian bridge that connects Downtown Wenatchee to Riverfront Park and the Apple Capital Loop Trail. At the east end of the bridge is one of the more unique places in town, the Sculpture Garden.

The benefits of the Riverwalk Bridge are immense. By connecting from the loop trail to downtown, you can take a break from your bike ride or walk and go get a milkshake, full lunch, or pick up a hard to find antique. You can also use it in the reverse by handling your business in town and then taking a brief walk over to the river and park.

Riverwalk Bridge

The bridge itself is also a great attraction as it provides for a nice view of the river, the Wenatchee “skyline”, and the foothills, including Saddlerock, just west of town. Standing on the bridge and watching the train activity below is also a nice way to pass the time too.

The Riverwalk Bridge is a highly valued part of the Apple Capital Loop Trail.

Riverwalk Bridge 2

Riverwalk Bridge 3