Porter’s Pond Nature Area


Porter’s Pond Nature Area on the Apple Capital Loop Trail, located in an area that is part of the Russell T. Congdon Memorial Segment of the trail, is a great destination for a look at nature in East Wenatchee. You can access this area with a walk of about one mile from the 27th Street Trailhead which is located to the north. You can get there more easily from the 19th Street Trailhead though which is located less than 100 yards away.


Porter’s Pond is densely populated with trees and this cover makes it a great place to walk anytime of the year. In the spring, the entire area is greening up and coming alive. In the heat of summer, the tree cover is a welcome relief from the sun’s rays. In the fall, the golden leaves of autumn standout and are popular with local photographers. In the winter, you can still hit the trail there even when the snow is deeper in the unprotected sections of the trail. All year long, Porter’s Pond is a great place to walk through.

Speaking of summer, another popular feature of Porter’s Pond is the easy access to shallow areas of the Columbia River. While swimming pools and splash pads may be cleaner, getting out in the cold water of the Columbia can’t be matched. There is also a fountain in a plaza adjacent to Porter’s Pond and just off the 19th Street Trailhead that can serve as a nice place to cool off too.


Birdwatchers also have a great time at Porter’s Pond with the unique natural habitat in an urban area providing for an excellent place for birds of all kinds to live in, or like you, just visit.

One of the coolest features in the Porter’s Pond area is the wooden viewing platform. This short little boardwalk leads to a viewing area where you can search out riverside life, activities on the water, or the scenery of Wenatchee on the other side of the river all right before your eyes.

Porter’s Pond is a much loved part of the Apple Capital Loop Trail.