Horan Natural Area

Horan Natural Area

The Horan Natural Area is a small wildlife preserve located on the south shore of the mouth of the Wenatchee River. It can be accessed from the south from Walla Walla Point Park, as well as an entrance right off Hawley Street. It can be accessed from the north from a pedestrian bridge that spans the Wenatchee River and connects it to Wenatchee Confluence State Park.

This little nature escape is very underrated and sometimes overlooked. In fact, if you are riding your bike around the Apple Capital Loop Trail, you will have to take the bypass trail around the Horan Natural Area as the gravel pathways are for foot traffic only.

Horan Natural Area 2

The protected area features a small loop trail itself so it is possible to walk through it and not have to walk past things you’ve already seen on your way out. There is generous seating available within the Horan Natural Area, and a number of posted signs with historic and environmental information on them.

The foliage is thick there and it is not uncommon to see wildlife in the Horan Natural Area. The most popular sights are birds, including some that are tough to see in the wild. Mammals are not unheard of though and you may see or hear raccoons, beaver, minks, skunks, squirrels, and even deer while you are there.

The Horan Natural Area is an awesome way to see the natural side of North Central Washington without even leaving the city limits of Wenatchee.

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