Boat Beach


On the eastern shore of the Columbia River, north of the city limits of East Wenatchee and south of the Odabashian Bridge, sits a small sandy beach area that is primarily accessed by boats and personal watercraft. A lot of people, including locals, don’t know about this secluded little undeveloped getaway area that is surrounded mostly by urban development.

The beach can be reached from the Apple Capital Loop Trail by any number of unmarked dirt pathways leading from the paved trail. Getting to the beach this way takes a little work as the paths down the bluff are somewhat steep.

The most popular way to reach the beach though is by water. On a hot summer day it is not unusual to see 10 or more boats beached on the soft sand. Some of the occupants spend hours there while others just use it as a quick stop in between runs up and down the river. Whether you are looking for a break from a day out on the water or just a fun little hidden spot to get away from it all, this little beach could be worth a try.