27th Street Trailhead


The 27th Street Trailhead, located appropriately off of 27th Street on the East Wenatchee side of the river, is one of the main access points in that area and can be accessed from Cascade Street which connects with US Highway 2 in the north and 19th Street in the south.

The trailhead consists of a basic parking lot which is really all you need. Once you follow the short path to the trail, you have the choice of heading north towards the Odabashian Bridge or south towards the next trailhead and further into East Wenatchee. Just north of the 27th Street Trailhead is a nice bench with an interesting view across the river to Wenatchee and the Cascade Mountains behind it. This point is known to many as Eagle Lookout and makes a nice stop for a few stolen moments with a book or just a resting spot during your longer walk.

There are a lot of unofficial side paths that take off from the Apple Capital Loop Trail in this area. Some lead off towards the river and even include opportunities to get down to the water. There are also a number of rocky outcroppings there too so anyone leaving the paved trail should use a lot of caution.